Five Ways To Decorate Using Houseplants

Houseplants are another one of the hottest trends to arise from the pandemic. From peace lilies and snake plants, to aloe vera and devil’s ivy, plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but offer a wealth of health benefits. While some houseplants purify the air, others aid in allergy relief, and some even reduce stress.

As with any trend, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. If you’re not naturally green-fingered, you can remove an element of stress by opting for artificial plants. However, to reap all the health benefits, you will need to learn to care for the real thing.

So, whether you opt for a decoy or the real McCoy, here are my top five ways to decorate using houseplants:

Hanging around

Trailing ivies can be hung to create swathes of lavish green curtains for the ultimate indoor jungle experience. You can achieve this by setting up a rail, or by suspending a wooden ladder from the ceiling, and attaching your potted plant using a rope or macrame rope hanger. String of hearts, string of pearls, string of nickels, or hoya linearis will give the most spectacular drops.

If you live in rented accommodation and don’t want holes to fill at the end of your tenancy, you could invest in a clothes rail to achieve a similar look.


Indoor vertical gardens are a popular option for those interested in adding natural texture to a room, or improving their sustainability with wall-mounted herb gardens. The main drawback of this technique is the complication of a sub-irrigation system to avoid watering your wall while giving your plants something to drink.

Of course, you can opt for an all-singing, all-dancing pre-built system that includes UV lights to optimize plant growth. But it’s expensive! On the other hand, a refurbished pallet with brackets for plant pots and the addition of a string of retro bulb lights can offer a more rustic appearance. And it’s kinder to your credit card!

Oversized plant pots

If you have a large space to fill, or simply believe in having less of a good thing, you could try a mature Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa), Kentia Palm, or Philodendron. Invest in an oversized plant pot and wooden frame stand for a minimalist effect or grab a wheeled base to move the plant around safely and with ease.

Shelves, ladders, and mantels

One of the most Instagram-able set-ups for houseplants are wooden A-frame ladders. You can use a trailing plant, like Pothos, and train it to wind around the frame, while stocking the shelves full with smaller plants, cacti, succulents, or cuttings. Or, if you prefer something a little less full-on, try fewer plants in colourful, differently-textured pots to add more interest. You could even drape a natural fabric throw over a smaller ladder and hold it in place with a mid-size potted plant, for a more minimalist look.

A cocktail of textures and sizes

Concoct a tropical cocktail of ferns, ivies, palms, and grasses, in an assortment of sizes. Dress them up in an array of differently textured pots. Think pastel ceramics, brightly-coloured plastic containers, earthy terracotta pots, and woven grass planters. It can be tricky to work out how to place your houseplants so the display looks intentionally hap-hazard rather than cluttered. But that’s half the fun!

If you’re feeling brave enough, consider including some stands, shelves, and hanging elements in your display to create the most authentic jungle-like vibe. 

Posted on October 1st 2021

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