Architectural Design 

And Space Planning

You’ve probably been wondering for some time about whether to extend your property.

Whether it's new build houses, extensions, renovation, conversion or restoration projects, there are obvious questions that you might just not be sure about.

These include: 

  • Do I have enough room for a conversion? 
  • Where do I start? 
  • How do I go about starting the planning process?
  • When do I need to instruct an architectural designer? 

First things first, you’ve done the right thing finding my website. Let’s start finding answers to those questions. 

My name is Wouter De Jager. I live in Maidenhead and I’m an expert in developing people’s homes in the local area. Part of my expertise comes from the fact I’ve worked on 4 sides of building projects: Contractor, Designer, Project manager and Property Developer. The full works! 

This gives me a perspective from all angles regarding costs and viability of planning a project ( i.e. will the local planning authorities permit what grand designs you are looking for. ) 

Hard construction hat and hammer
Construction architects checking numbers
Complex blueprint with compass


In addition to design and space planning services, we offer initial planning appraisals to ensure all work can be undertaken with no surprises or fuss.

Planning Appraisals

The appraisal is a report that highlights the development, any planning policies that are relevant and possible resistance that can be expected. While this does not guarantee planning permission will be given, it is advice based on years of experience and using local knowledge of the planning policies.

Who are planning appraisals for?

You might have a big garden and don't know whether you can split it and get planning permission for another house. Or you could have a big area next to your home and want to check if you can add another house on the side.

Why are planning appraisals important?

Planning appraisals are crucial for anyone who wants to check whether planning is possible before they take the design journey and expend fees on architectural consultants. We can do this appraisal for you.

If the appraisal comes back as negative, you haven’t wasted money in chasing a design that was never going to be successful. If a positive appraisal is given, we can then get the design underway and manage the planning application for you. We can undertake the whole process from planning appraisal through to either completed technical drawings, tendering or project management and take the design process further through to completion.

Planning Appeals

If you've been refused planning and you want to appeal the decision, we can manage the appeal process for you to give you the best possible chance of a successful outcome.

Pre-Purchase Advice

Found the right home to buy? Want to know whether your grand design ideas are possible, affordable and the best use of the space?

For a fixed fee you will get a 90 minute on-site meeting at the potential home with a follow up email confirming options and opportunities, planning considerations, professional fee estimates and step by step guide on what the process entails. The cost will be deducted if you decide to use us for your design package.

What Happens Next?

The best thing to do is to book our Free Video Consultation as a starting point. It's a no obligation chat where you can see the team behind the website and find out if we're a good fit for each other. You can show me the space you are looking to build in and I can work out with you what you can include in your desired project.  

The design and space planning stage includes the following aspects: 

  • Project scoping 
  • Customised design planning 
  • Preparing floorplans and drawings to showcase design options 
  • Project development and coordination 
  • Material choices provided 

I urge you to read about these in greater depth in my blog post here.

I have 13 years experience in providing these services. I have also been selected to provide my services to banks in the City of London and some of the UK’s most prestigious retail organisations. You can be assured that my service is both local and trusted at the highest level. 

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