About Us

How our expert team and bespoke architectural services set us apart in delivering your vision.

A bit about our founder

Wouter De Jager arrived in the UK from South Africa at the age of 18 to work as a carpenter. He was successful, and he quickly progressed to more senior roles across the Construction Industry.

  • Site manager
  • Contract Manager
  • Building Surveyor
  • Manager/Owner of Commercial Interiors firm

Whilst doing the above, he moved to Maidenhead with his wife to start a family and somehow found time to study and gain a Building Surveying Honours Degree at The University of Reading.

Maidenhead Planning

Wouter currently manages Maidenhead Planning as a Building Surveyor and Architectural Designer, in addition to undertaking property development and project management roles.

Importantly, he has worked on all three sides of the project:

  • As a Contractor
  • As a Designer
  • Representing the Client

He believes this gives him the required set of specialist skills to bring to your project. He can design something that is realistic and buildable (Contractor experience), aesthetically pleasing and functional (Design experience), that adds value while meeting the budget (Client's representative).

Checking measurements on drawing with ruler and compass
Calculator and pens and hard construction hats
Pins in floor plan layout drawing

An expanding team

Maidenhead Planning continues to grow, we are thrilled to introduce you to the newest members of our dedicated team. Each individual brings a unique set of skills and expertise, enhancing our ability to serve you better.

Office manager

Starting wit our highly capable and friendly office manager and customer service expert. With their exceptional communication and organisational skills, they ensure that your experience with Maidenhead Planning is always smooth and enjoyable.

Structural engineer

Joining our team is a skilled and experienced structural engineer. Their proficiency in construction principles and innovative techniques strengthens our capabilities to handle even the most complex and ambitious projects with confidence.

Specialist heritage buildings architect

We are also delighted to have an architect specialising in heritage buildings, listed properties, and historical landmarks. Their deep appreciation for preserving architectural heritage while incorporating modern elements adds a distinctive touch to our design approach.

Chartered town planner

Completing our growing team is a dedicated chartered town planner. Their expertise in navigating planning regulations and securing approvals streamlines the process, ensuring that your projects proceed seamlessly.

Turning your architectural dreams into reality

At Maidenhead Planning, our team is committed to turning your architectural dreams into reality. With these exceptional professionals on board, we look forward to delivering even more comprehensive and outstanding solutions for all your planning needs. Let's create something extraordinary together.

We understand it’s a big commitment to undergo a building project at your home, and so we can assure you the commitment works both ways.

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