Green Belt Map

The Green Belt can be a significant obstacle to obtaining planning permission for an extension project. While properties on The Green Belt have some of the strictest planning restrictions out there, it is not the end of the road.

We can all agree that protecting the beautiful UK countryside should be a priority when undertaking any kind of planning. Therefore, it makes sense that policies such as the Green Belt are put in place, in order to restrict urban growth at the expense of more rural areas and to preserve the rustic charm of smaller towns and villages.  

If your property is on Green Belt land, this is a major consideration. This means that there are restrictions on how much you can extend your property or build on your land. Green Belt land covers over a tenth of all land in England, so it’s a realistic possibility that your property could indeed be placed on this restricted area. 

Consult the map below to see if this applies to you and, if it does, contact Maidenhead Planning for expert guidance through the process of building on Green Belt land.

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