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Find out what you need to get started with a planning expert.

30 minute FREE video consultation to discuss your project

Use our weblink below to book your consultation. All you then need to do is send us a brief overview of the project you have in mind, your address and any floor plans you might already have. 

The purpose of a consultation is to find out:

  • What you want to change about your home? 
  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • Is there a use of the existing space that can solve the problem you have without the need to extend your home?
  • Do you need planning permission? 

After your consultation, you will receive a fee proposal which clearly breaks down the costs for each stage of the process. 

  • Measured Survey
  • Concept Design - Draughting, Submit and Manage Planning Application
  • Technical Design - Draughting, Submit for Building Control Approval

Schedule a Video Consultation  

Book a video call at a date and time that suits you using our live calendar system

Ready to book a free video consultation? No obligation, no complications.

As part of our service, we're offering a completely free video consultation with a member of the Maidenhead Planning team. 

It's contact-free and is no obligation. Just follow the link to check the calendar and book yourself in.

Schedule a Video Consultation  

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