Technical Drawings 

Getting Your Project Underway

Planning Approved—What's Next?

You’ve discussed at length how you want your extension to look, you know what features it will have and are already picturing it in your head. You have had planning approval through and now you want to get builders to start quoting for the works. 

But before anything can be built, the technical drawings need to be completed. Builders will not be able to quote without proper construction drawings; any builders who quote without drawings will probably end up delivering a project with final costs that vary wildly from your budget.  

You may also choose to have your drawings checked by the local authority or an approved inspector in order to make sure they meet building regulations.  

In order to keep the project cost-effective, it’s most efficient to have an expert on board from the very beginning. This is where I come in.  

We can take concept drawings, or planning approval drawings and create a technical drawing set that can be sent for building regulations plan checks at your local authority or approved inspector, it will also allow builders to produce a much more accurate quote as they will now exactly what to price for an how to build your development.  

Close up of blueprint with ruler, compass, pencils and glasses

Features of Technical Drawings

  • Fire safety 
  • Structural integrity
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Acoustics
  • Drainage
  • Sustainability
  • Electrical safety 
  • And so on ... 

Structural engineers and any other specialist required will be managed by us with their designs and reports interpreted and included within the construction set. Meaning one set of drawings will provide all the information needed, without having to manage three to four sets of designs and ensuring everyone is working to the correct version.  


Due to my experience as a contractor I am sympathetic to suppliers’ requirements and know how to get across what is needed to complete the building work in line with the above criteria as well as producing a set of drawings that is easy to read, as well as providing enough information for a successful project 

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