10 Reasons Why You Should Use An Architectural Professional

From interior design and complete house refurbishment projects to extensions and new builds, there are many different changes that homeowners are making today so that they can have the house of their dreams. 

However, when it comes to home projects like this, one thing you can never afford to do is cut corners! 

We have all heard about those horror stories - from extension roofs collapsing to entire houses sinking. Do you really want to find yourself on BBC news for a house build disaster? To ensure this is not going to happen to you, you need to use an architectural professional, and here are ten compelling reasons why… 

#1: experience

The architectural professional you hire will ideally have a few decades worth of experience in what works, and what doesn’t. They will have handled many different projects before, and they can bring all of this experience to the table when working on your project! With their commission, you tap into a vast amount of knowledge. 

You wouldn’t try to fix your car unless you had the experience, would you? So, why would you try to cut corners when it comes to an investment much bigger than this? 

#2: planning policies and applications

The design will follow planning policy guidelines and stand a better chance of gaining planning approval. 

Planning approval is not easy to attain. You don’t want to see the words ‘REJECTED’ - yet without experience in filling out these applications, a rejection is what you’re likely to get. Needless to say, this puts your entire project on a knife’s edge. 

#3: cost

The irony is that a lot of people choose to handle these projects themselves in order to save money. However, the true value lies within a professional service. The design will have taken into account the method of construction so that the build costs are kept low. 

#4: fresh, unbiased perspective

You will have another set of eyes and new fresh ideas for the space. You know what they say - two pairs of eyes are better than one! It is always good to have someone else’s perspective. They can see it from an outside view, giving you their true opinion without any outside influences. 

Often, we get so heavily invested in our home that it can be very difficult to think clearly. An architectural designer can provide an expert opinion yet also that much-needed voice of reason while also offering new ideas that you may not have considered yet. 

#5: commitment to the client

The architectural professional will have your best interest at heart. The best advertisement for them is for their name to be offered to other prospective clients. 

Most of our work comes from word of mouth. It takes a lot of work to create a “fanbase.” Because of this, they are going to be doing everything in their power to ensure you end up with the home of your dreams! 

#6: value of time

Have a professional take care of the statutory approvals - planning, party wall notices, online applications forms and so on. What’s your time worth? A lot, right? We don’t have time to waste today, especially when it comes to wasted time in getting it wrong. 

#7: range of services and trusted industry contacts

Gain access to other services that are on offer. A good example of this is help with tendering. 

Plus, an architectural professional will often be able to assist with finding the right builder, as well as effective project management. They will have built up their contacts over the years, so if they do not offer something in house, they will know someone who does! 

#8: product and goods selection

Save time by narrowing down options in terms of flooring, services, heating, and so on. If you have ever trawled the Internet, you will note the vast amount of products available. This can mean hours and days trying to find the right product. 

And even if you find the right product, is it suitable for your situation? Is it a good brand? Is it easy to fit? Your architectural professional will narrow this down and present a few simple choices in order to save you time. 

#9: modern building techniques 

Gain access to new and upcoming building methods and innovative products. Manufacturers often offer new products to architectural professionals and specifiers, as this is a direct way into the market. You will get access to this long before it trickles down to building merchants and builders. 

#10: successful projects

The team effort will undoubtedly save you time, money, and increase the chances of a successful project. These reasons would only be applicable if you have chosen a bona fide architectural professional - i.e. an RIBA, ARB, CIOB, or RICS architectural professional. 

There are lots of sharks out there who will take your money and only give you a drawing of what you asked for with no input. That’s a real sign of someone who will not take ownership of a project. 

The value of an architectural professional

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you should use an architectural professional for your home project!

No matter whether you are interested in extensions, an architectural design for a new build, or you want to make better use of your home with space planning, you need to leave this in the hands of the professionals. After all, that is what they were trained for. 

Here a Maidenhead Planning, I offer a holistic approach to well-designed architecture. I can help you to create the perfect design, accounting for both your budget and the location. I always deliver on value for money, practicality, and aesthetics. 

Please browse my website to see the different ways that I have helped others to achieve their dream home. You can reach me via 07914 750 784 to discuss your project in more detail, or send an email using the contact form here on my website and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Posted on August 5th 2019

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