Feasibility Review

Feasibility Review  

Feasibility Review

Booking your feasibility review is the first step on your journey of your home refurbishment or development.
It will give you an unbiased opinion on your plans backed up with industry leading cost analysis. All tailored to your project. This feasibility review will
REDUCE YOUR RISK on your project
EMPOWER you with the correct information at the right time
EDUCATE you on what the process entails
INFORM you on the cost implications
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Sketches & Program of Works
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    FEASIBILITY REVIEW: What's included

    When you are at the start of your development journey, the first step to take in the feasibility review. Why?

    • Obtain an unbiased, honest opinion of the feasibility of the project by an experienced design professional.
    • A designer that doesn’t feel that unless they impress you, or tell you what you want to hear, they won’t win the commission. All that in a 30min meeting
    • An outline brief that includes the fundamentals of your requirement to ensure everything stays on track
    • Discuss and critique high level solutions early on.
    • Discuss the functional viability of the project and your ideas
    • Sketches can be done to show solutions depending on the package chosen (Fees applicable)
    • Provide preliminary rough costs in order to get a initial budget in place through BCIS
    • Provide preliminary action plan and timeline
    • Provide full design fees that you may encounter during the process, tailored to your project.

    A surgeon wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis; this feasibility review works in the same way

    To start the process of we need to precisely understand your requirements, and then give findings or solutions. Followed by a thorough plan on how to move forward with expected costs and durations (timeline)

    What do I get:

    • Design Brief
      • What does this development need to achieve?
      • Who is this development for?
      • Is it solving a particular problem?
    • Site Planning Constraints
      • Permitted development rights?
      • Conservation area?
      • Flood plain?
      • Title Covenants or Easements?
      • Green Belt
    • Site Building constraints
      • Ground type / conditions
      • Access
      • Site Topography
      • Flood plain
      • Visual check of available services
    • Concept Design
      • Look and feel of possible development solutions
      • Check the functional viability of the development
      • Estimate Construction Budget through BCIS report
    • Fee proposal for design services incl structural or report fees.
    • Draft Program or timeline for development
    • Optional – Full planning review by planner (Fees applicable)

    For an additional £200+VAT:

    • Sketches of possible layouts
    • Provide program of works detailing the five phases. Feasibility, design, technical design, build and contract management, build completion.
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