Keeping Projects On Time, Budget and True To You

Picture this ...

  • You’ve got your design done
  • You've got your designs through planning approval
  • You got the technical construction drawings done and approved

Now you are armed with these drawings.  

All you have to do now is:

  • Find a builder (or seven or eight builders) to price 
  • Meet all of them on site.
  • Make sure you answer all their queries correctly.
  • Give each one the same information to ensure their feedback is consistent
  • Chase them up for their quotes

Then you have to decipher, decode and interpret their quotes in order to compare them to the others. Have they included everything? They seem cheaper in some areas than others - why? Their quote is only the total with no breakdown - where is the budget going? Do you choose them based on personality or price? 

This is probably the biggest choice that will determine the success of your project - take a look at this blog post to see more.

How I Can Help You 

I've been working as a Project Manager for 13 odd years. Some smaller residential projects, some larger commercial projects where the timelines are short and penalty clauses aplenty.  I worked as a contractor early on in my career so I know how they quote. I worked as a commercial manager for main contractors and project management consultancies so I had to interpret contractor’s quotes to ensure we get the best team together, and still make a profit. I still undertake commercial projects and residential property development where I tender out the work.  

To see my process, visit my blog here

  • We would undertake the tender process from technical drawings onwards
  • Prepare a tender pack if required
  • Select contractors to tender
  • Undertake the site visits with the contractors to answer queries
  • Go through the contractor selection process with you 
  • Choose the best-suited contractor for your requirement
  • Draw up contracts  
  • Administer the pre-contract phase culminating in a signed contract with all agreements in place

You may choose to end our service here and manage the rest of the process, or we can do that for you. Or it can be a complete turnkey service, if you require.  

So if you need this expertise on your project, then please contact us to see how we can help.  

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