The Perfect Working-from-Home Environment

So many of us continue to work from home, and will do for the foreseeable future.  Some are lucky and have space for a dedicated office, either in the house or in the garden.  But most of us are working from the kitchen table or a carved-out space in the living room or bedroom.  Either way, there are tricks to creating the perfect home working environment to suit you.  Here are some things to consider when planning your workspace.

Get a Desk

Working from the kitchen table is not ideal.  It means you have to clear away all work each meal time and you never get away from those dirty dishes that you haven’t had time to do.  Creating a dedicated workspace will help you focus on the job in hand.  Try to fit in the largest desk you can as it makes it easier to keep the area tidy.  Locate your desk in the quietest space you can.  If you are sharing your workspace with children or other adults, being able to close a door to the noise will become invaluable.

Invest in a Chair

Workplaces are required to check your working position, assessing your seating provision and the desk height etc.  This is done because sitting on a poor chair, at the wrong height can cause all sorts of back, shoulder and neck problems.  This should be no different at home.  Invest in the best office chair you can afford (or borrow one from work if that is allowed!) and your spine will thank you for it.


Locate your new workspace in an area of strong WiFi connectivity, or invest in a booster.  Working from home will only be more difficult if you don’t have quick and easy access to the internet.  Ensure the area has plenty of plug sockets, but remember, don’t overload your extension leads – they can be a fire hazard! 


Access to natural light boosts our mood and productivity.  Try to locate your desk in natural light near a window.  If that isn’t possible, create a bright environment around your desk.  Much of our homes are lit for social interactions and relaxation in mind, not working for many hours.  Supplement the existing lighting with directional spot lighting and use bright white bulbs, not the more relaxing yellow hued ones. 

Remember to Move

It is important not to sit in one place all day.  It is bad for your posture, back and productivity.  Ensure you have somewhere else to get away from work for a break.  That could be the kitchen during lunch, or a break in the living room.  If you have space, create a small reading area where you can move away from your computer to read documents or take a break.  Consider a standing desk, so you can carry on working, but in a different position.

This article gives you some great tips on how to maximise your productivity while working at home:

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A reading space will help with spending time away from the computer

Consider using a standing desk

Maximise your Wall Space

If you’re fitting in a desk into a room that is not a dedicated office, create an office feel in that area by using the walls to define the area.  Put up stylish office shelving or create a large work wall using peg boards or chalk board paint. 

A blackboard wall can help with visual organisation

Well organised shelving will help with your productivity

Establish a Creative Feel

Use plants and natural materials to create a calm environment.  Plants or fresh flowers bring in a fresh air feel and give your eyes something to look at when they need a rest from the screen. Rugs and wall hangings can create a cozy, homely feel to your space.  An added scent can make all the difference to the feel of a room.  Essential oils can create different moods – peppermint can give you an energy boost, orange can help with anxiety or rosemary can help with concentration.  

Here are some on-trend ideas on how to decorate your office space, no matter how big or small

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Posted on October 9th 2020

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