Room Focus – The Bedroom

This week, I am looking at the Bedroom as part of our Room Focus Series.  Whether a new master bedroom suite is part of your extension plans, or you just fancy a revamp of an existing room, here are some ideas to help plan your perfect space. 

A bedroom should be a personal getaway from the rest of daily life – a sanctuary from the stresses and strains of the rest of the house.  A well planned, well lit, organised space with help you sleep, unwind and create a positive, calming mood.  

Designing the Perfect Master Suite

If you are lucky enough to be extending or remodelling your home to create a Master Bedroom, this is a great time to think about how the bedroom will work for you.  Work with your architectural designer to maximise the space.  I can work with you to see if that dressing area can be hidden away to create an uncluttered, calm sleeping area, or ensure that your en-suite is not so big that it takes away from the bedroom space. 

There are many ways to create interesting and innovative rooms.  Dressing areas can be hidden behind false walls, work areas fitted behind wardrobe doors or a luxurious stand alone bath can create that little bit of five star hotel luxury.  Check out some interesting ideas on how to use design to maximise your space in this article: Inventive Design Ideas that Make the Most of a Bedroom

Plants and natural wood create a bright, calm room.

Create the Right Mood

The décor of a bedroom should aim to create a calm, organized retreat that helps you sleep without sacrificing your personal style and aesthetic.  Make a texture-rich space by using lots of different materials.  Add patterns with cushions and rugs and texture with fluffy throws and velvet or linen curtains.  Bathe the room with a soft daytime light and added privacy with light opaque voile curtains or create great sleeping conditions using a blackout blind.  Lush, full length curtains will create a luxuriant, cozy feel. 

Create a clean, calm room with plain, light coloured walls.  Add greenery with bedroom friendly plants or natural wood finishes and features.  Click here to find out about some suitable plants

If you’re looking for a more cozy, luxurious feel, darker colours are your friend. Don’t be afraid to use pattern on the walls, even in a small room.  Patterned wallpaper can create drama in a small space, making it feel like a cocoon to escape to.  Panelling, especially when paired with strong colours, creates a sophisticated, warm feel to a room.  A bedroom can carry off a statement wall well – let your creative mind run wild!

Check out some further ideas to create a feature of your walls in your bedroom in this article:


Task lighting is important for reading in bed. Enhance the mood and ambiance with a carefully considered bedroom lighting scheme.  It is a good idea to include several lighting options in a bedroom.  Each side of the bed should have task lighting for a spot of bedtime reading and consider some extra secondary lighting to create mood in the room.  The central light could compliment the style of the room with a statement overhead light or pendant.


Storage is perhaps the most important part of a bedroom design (except maybe the perfect mattress!) If you have the space, a dressing room will provide an abundance of storage options. The dressing area will take the vast majority of the storage out of the main bedroom, allowing for a clutter-free, calm sleeping area.  But for many of us, bedroom storage means wardrobes and a chest of drawers.  Keep the storage simple and design it according to your taste and budget.  In-built wardrobes maximise storage potential and can accommodate awkward shaped rooms but can be expensive.  Freestanding wardrobes are timeless and you can take them with you if you ever move, but they don’t offer the same amount of actual storage space.  Under bed storage is a great space saver.  This article has some great ideas if you have a more bijoux bedroom to decorate.

A dressing room can provide a great way to keep all your clothes and shoes organised and away from your sleeping area.

We hope you have great fun designing your new master bedroom suite, or simply redecorating your existing lovely bedroom.  We are always here to help with your plans.  Please get in touch if you would like to talk to us about your bedroom designs.  You can contact us here

Posted on September 25th 2020

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