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ISE Barcelona: The Audio-Visual Smart Home Edit

Wouter De Jager, Founder of Maidenhead Planning, recently visited Barcelona for the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) Conference. Over the next few weeks, we will be running a mini-series of the main takeaways from the event.

We’re privileged to be alive during a revolution in which technological advances are continuously being made in rapid succession. No sooner has a new piece of tech hit the market, newer and better gadgets replace it as top player.

As a result, many of us now live in Smart Homes – houses that are technologically enhanced by appliances and devices designed to help make life easier, cut our energy bills, reduce our impact on the environment, and add another dimension to home entertainment.

A house is an Englishman’s castle, so it’s no surprise that people up and down the country are clamouring to get their hands on the newest tech in town.

Here is some of the top tech you can invest in for your home:

Free standing television speakers

1. Speakers and soundbars

Traditional surround sound speakers have had their hay-day. Now, smart speakers boasting other integrated functions (think Alexa) are the latest craze. But, for those who don’t yet trust artificially intelligent personal assistants to take care of their home and entertainment system, soundbars are the must-have piece of audio tech. While soundbars aren’t a new development, they are now available in slimmer and wireless designs to fit seamlessly into your home.

Television on stand, simply styled with indoor plants either side

2. Tvs

Most smart TVs these days have integrated streaming apps and high-definition picture quality, but companies are pushing the limit to enhance consumers’ entertainment in other ways. Aesthetically, TVs are more slimline so they fit better with décor, but improved functionality is top of the pile too. Sky Glass, the satellite giant’s offering, is the first carbon-neutral certified TV, featuring 4K ultra HD picture, voice command, the ability to record shows, and a smart camera. 

Person pressing video doorbell

3. High-Definition security cameras and doorbells

For those who can’t afford a security guard and watchdog, there are a multitude of high-definition security cameras on the market, equipped with 2k-4k recording capability and motion-controlled zoom. Unsurprisingly, Ring doorbells are becoming increasingly popular; the device allows users to see who is at the door using an app. Office-workers can speak to whomever is at the door via the app, meaning they will never miss a parcel again, nor will unknown visitors necessarily realise they are not at home.

Controlling a smart lightbulb from a phone

4. Smart lighting

While smart lighting can be controlled to set the ambience for the evening, it can also be harnessed to save energy. Using a home assistant, it is possible to save money and energy by setting timers for your smart lights and other smart devices. Consequently, by reducing energy usage, consumers also limit their carbon footprint and impact of the environment.

If you want to learn more about smart tech and how to incorporate it into your home design, get in touch with the team at Maidenhead. We’re always happy to help!

Posted on August 12th 2022

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