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Interior Design Trends To Look Out For In 2023

If you’re planning a renovation project for your home this year and are on the lookout for some inspiration; some exciting new design elements that might harmonise perfectly with your tastes and lifestyle—then you’ve found the right page!  

Following the latest interior design trends isn’t a precise art; there are no hard-and-fast rules that mean you have to completely overhaul your current home decor every time the latest in-vogue features are revealed. But, whatever the size and scope of your project, there’s always an opportunity for your creative life force to be invigorated by the ever-changing landscape of interior design. 

Let’s take a look at what’s in store in 2023…

Sunset hues interior design

Tones of the sunset

In the world of interior design, there's been a distinct rise in the popularity of calming sunset hues in the last few years. Some homeowners might feel reluctant to choose yellow as a base colour, as often the mind springs to fluorescent, lemony tones that might visually dominate a room. But when done right, subtle yellows and oranges can infuse your home with vitality and warmth.

Meanwhile, glossy amber floor tiling or feature walls can really inject a burst of colour into a tired-looking space–and, offset against natural wood cabinets and sage green detailing, you can really achieve that organic, inside/outside aesthetic.

upcycled furniture

Sustainable, eco-friendly design features

As environmental responsibility continues to be a vital concern in all aspects of society and industry, so has sustainable living become a growing feature of interior design. From choosing natural, ethically-sourced materials to build dream spaces to upcycling furniture; more and more homeowners are looking to impart their eco-friendly lifestyle into their design choices. Thankfully, for the good of the planet, the reuse, reduce recycle mantra doesn’t look to be slowing in 2023.

This mindful approach to interior design has also had a positive impact on our shopping habits, as consumers look to take advantage of the secondhand retail market. Homeowners are looking to adorn their beautifully designed spaces with antique treasures from flea markets and secondhand wholesalers. An approach that not only has a beneficial environmental impact, but also embraces a unique eclectic aesthetics for your property, another popular design trend for 2023.

Mediterranean style home entrance

A taste of the Mediterranean

To evoke memories of holidays spent in southern Italian courtyards or the sun-baked vistas of the Greek islands, homeowners are choosing traditional terracotta in their interior design projects this year. And it’s not just in the garden that this classic Mediterranean feature is proving popular in 2023. Rustic, earthen textured tiles in farmhouse kitchens, for example, can introduce a reddish warmth that you can only get from the unique properties of terracotta. It’s also a wonderful tile choice for a porch as it creates a warm and welcoming entrance for your home

Once again, the focus is on natural aesthetics and terracotta is a perfect example of organic, nature-inspired interior trends that will instantly uplift your space.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting and sensorial design

2023 will also be another year in which intelligent sensory lighting is a common element in interior design. While homeowners demand more control of their living spaces, to be able to fine-tune the ambience and atmosphere of their surroundings, so does smart lighting become more popular.

With the swipe of a finger, or even through voice controls, light and colour levels can be adjusted to create the perfect setting for your home. Bright and mellow throughout the day, to recreate the sense of natural light; warm, understated hues as the evening rolls in.

Sensory lighting is a design trend that’s certainly gaining momentum, as it aims to enhance our well-being by taking into account all our senses: sight, scent, sound, touch, and taste.

How can we help?

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Posted on March 15th 2023

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