How To Pull Off The Navy Blue Living Room Trend

We’ve officially made it to autumn and - while the sun is lingering a little longer – the air will quickly turn as crisp as the fallen leaves. When that happens, we will all be seeking solace in our sofas and snuggle throws. But how can we transform our living spaces into cosy sanctuaries in time for the winter?

The answer may lie in one of social media’s hottest trends of 2021: Navy Blue.

So many people are frightened by the depth and darkness of navy, fearing it will make rooms too dingy or small. However – when done right – the sumptuous hue can transform a house into a home.

Afraid to give it a go? In this article, I share how to pull off the navy-blue living room trend.

1. Moody and Blue

If you’re ready for a complete revamp, nothing is bolder or braver than opting for navy blue walls. If you find it’s too much, you can create a soft yet masculine feel by adding dark shades of leather, warm woods, and creamy white furnishings.

2. Opulent

Navy blue works as the perfect foundation upon which to build a lavish space. By embracing luxurious velvet, polished brass, emerald greens, and tropical palm prints, you can create an homage to the opulence of the twenties.

3. Neutral Accents

A lot of people complain that blue is too cold of a colour to include in the house, so why not warm it up with cosy soft furnishings in neutral tones, like greys, creams, and browns. This also helps to break up the intensity of a colour block wall, for example.

4. Navy Accents

Not committed to the trend? If you simply want to dip your toe into the water, use the navy as the accent instead. This neat little trick makes a room appear bluer but is far more subtle than other décor suggestions.

5. Feature Wall

A navy feature wall gives you the opportunity to add a splash of colour to a room, which can be used as an anchor to tie in other shades of blue throughout. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can jump on another interior design trend: patterned wallpaper. Opt for one with a navy base with a botanical print to be as trendy as the top Instagrammers.

6. Crisp and Clean

Add some balance to navy walls with a crisp white ceiling and woodwork. The cleanness of a bright white adds some breathing space between the depth of a navy blue and can be used to cleverly denote the natural geometry of a room.

7. Boho Blue and Denim

There is a degree of formality to the colour navy. It’s possible to create a more playful and practical feel by combining navy walls with denim furnishings, wicker, and tasseled cushions. This really adds a chilled vibe to a living room. Perfect for snuggling up in to read a book on long winter nights.

8. Luxury Blue Velvet

Best suited to a button back, winged armchair, navy blue velvet is an easy way to add a luxurious, yet vintage vibe to your living area. Add contrast with patterned scatter cushions or throws in a variety of textures.

9. Complementary Contrasting Colours

Picture this. A vibrant orange couch framed by a navy feature wall. It’s bold but it works. There has been a rise in the popularity of combining blues with oranges and coppers, which comes as no surprise. It makes a huge statement. This colour combo can be used to achieve a modern, fresh feel, or to replicate a nautical theme.

10. Rustic

If you have your sights set on something a little more rustic, lived in, and uber-cosy, try combining navy with soft greys, and blush pinks. Wood-panelled or bare brick walls are great for achieving this look, as it adds texture to the room.

So, there you have it. Ten ways to pull off the navy blue living room trend. Which is your favourite?

Posted on September 16th 2021

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