Designing Your Kitchen

Many of my clients have come to me to help them find more space in their home.  And often this space involves open plan living.  An extension and knocking through existing rooms can give us the downstairs kitchen/lounge/diner that modern living craves.  And, of course, we all desire that fabulous, brand new dream kitchen.  But sometimes it can be overwhelming.  There is so much choice in the kitchen industry and so many things to think about.  I’ve put together a guide of things to think about when it comes to making those difficult kitchen decisions.

The Space

First things first, talk to your surveyor or architectural designer.  Discuss what the kitchen space is going to be like.  Measure it out in another room or in the garden.  Many of us move from small kitchens (especially if your house is older) and sometimes it’s hard to imagine the scale of the new kitchen.  Try to imagine moving around your new space and what it would be like to cook in it. 

Think about what you need in the new kitchen. How much storage do you really need?  Do you have a lot of countertop equipment? Is the huge American fridge you’ve been coveting really suitable for the space?  Will you be able to move easily around that kitchen island?  Then bring all this to your kitchen designer, equipped to make decisions about the design.

Kitchen Trends

Whether your style is more shaker, modern gloss or two-tone, the kitchen industry is there to provide you with lots and lots of choice.  Take note of the latest kitchen trends, let them fuel your imagination, but choose a style that suits your house and space.  Kitchens are a big investment and you will most likely have it for many years.  

Think carefully about whether you want your kitchen to be a statement piece or if you want a more neutral one and make your statement with wall colour, or a funky table and chairs, or some fabulous flooring.  Both can work really well…go with your heart (and budget!). 

Check out some of 2020’s trends in this article.


Ask your surveyor/designer about the natural light in the new kitchen.  Where will the light be during the times you’ll spend the most in the kitchen – first thing in the morning, dinner time etc? This will help you with lighting decisions.  Use secondary lighting in food preparation areas. Low hanging statement pendants or under counter lighting will create a modern feel and create a softer ambient light level, important for those evenings spent in your new open plan space. 


Give some thought to the furniture you’d like in your kitchen area.  What style of table are you looking for? How many people would you like to sit at it?  Do you have any beloved pieces of furniture that must fit in room?  It would be very sad to have the room of your dreams but not be able to have your granny’s dresser in it!

So, if this guide has got your creative mind buzzing, please do get in touch.  We can start planning your dream kitchen today. 

Posted on June 19th 2020

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