Continuing to Work During Lockdown.

In March, when it became apparent that Covid-19 was going to impact on our daily lives, Maidenhead Planning had to do some serious thinking.  How were we going to adapt to keep the practice open and thriving while we were in lock down?  We wanted to provide our clients with the great service they have come to expect and help as many new people as possible to create their dream space at home. 

We wanted to make sure we could answer everybody’s lockdown questions like:

How do I still extend my home in lockdown?

Can I still get planning permission for my home refurbishment?

Can I get a measured survey done during the pandemic?

How can I discuss plans with my surveyor or designer during lockdown?

We swooped into action, creating a new service offer of an Initial Consultation via video call.  This has proved such a hit that we will continue to offer this service, even after everything returns to normal.  It has been a pleasure to talk to so many new people, giving them an opportunity to meet me face-to-face (virtually) before they need to commit to a working relationship with us.

The Feasibility Review Service has been another new offer from us to help our clients explore the potential of their homes.  This service allows us to discuss your plans, exploring the possibilities and costs of your proposed work.  This new service has seen great take up.  I think potential clients are pleased to get an opportunity to discuss their ideas, without the pressure to commit and safe in the knowledge that I won’t push for the biggest, most expensive option, if that’s not right for them or their home. 

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As lockdown is loosening, I can now come and undertake measured surveys once again.  These will be carried out using social distancing rules and suitable PPE.  And of course, builders can now work in your home too.  Here is a great article with some tips on how to prepare for tradespeople (or surveyors) coming to work in your home during the pandemic.

Planning departments in your local council have continued to work during lockdown and statutory timescales still stand on planning applications.  So it is as good a time as any to get statutory approvals, in fact, it may be better for the smaller project.

The steps we have taken to embrace the “new normal” have helped the practice not only stay open through the most uncertain and challenging time of my career, but helped it thrive.  We are, thankfully, busier than ever and I am enjoying getting my teeth into some amazing projects.  Now is the time to plan your home improvements and get your statutory regulations in place.  Get your dream plans in motion today!

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Posted on June 5th 2020

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