Back to School Edition: Home Study Areas

When children returned to school this week, there was a collective sigh of relief from frazzled parents up and down the country. However, growth spurts over the summer mean that the new school year hails in new shoes, new uniforms, and a sudden demand for more space within the home.

That’s right! In the blink of an eye, toddlers become children and children become teenagers, ready for their own place to study and chill out.

So, how do you make the most of the room you have available?

Here are my top five suggestions for space-saving home study areas that will give your children space to do their homework and keep them out from underneath your feet long enough for you to have a hot cuppa:

The Fold Down

If there’s no permanent place of residence available for a desk, a fold-down is the solution for you. Of course, you could opt for fold-away, but finding somewhere to stash it in-between uses could be problematic. Wall-mounted fold-down desks are both fashionable yet functional; perfect for adorning with much-loved childhood trinkets, but also provide ample space for study materials once extended.

Try it at home:

Pembridge Wall-Mounted Fold-Down Desk, Swoon, £229

Sighwaldi Rectangular Folding Table, Wayfair, £102.25

Norberg, Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table, IKEA, £35

The Cubby

Every now and then there must be a compromise. Do you have a wardrobe or inbuilt cupboard that could be cleared out? By investing in a few key items, such as a floating desk, peg board, desk lamp, office bin, and a small stool, you can makeover your storage space into a fun and quirky study zone.

Plus, someone else could benefit from your micro-renovation if you make a charitable donation of the things you put aside. Goodbye, clutter! Hello, cubby!

Try it at home:

Bergshult, Shelf, IKEA, £13

Pegboard, IKEA, £19

Stool, IKEA, £4

The Pop-Up

When the only place you can possibly fit a desk is in a random spot in a room, turn it into a pop-up stop. Colour blocking is bang on-trend right-now, so why not add a pop of colour to a wall and use it as the backdrop for your workstation? A bureau is ideal in this instance; it not only adds to the aesthetic but also provides sufficient space to work. Children will love getting involved in the creativity required to make a pop-up study area; it can be as unique, colourful, and fun as their imaginations allow.

Try it at home:

Half wall painting

Geometric shapes

Contrasting colour blocks

The Magic Curtain

If your child is fortunate to have a larger bedroom, but needs to break away from distractions, a magic curtain could be in order. Use a curtain, folding panels, or even bookshelves to create a nook for studying. This creates the same effect as “leaving work at work”; your child will have somewhere dedicated to work, and still be able to enjoy the rest of their bedroom as a place for relaxation.

Try it at home:

Williamson Bamboo/Rattan Hanging Room Divider, Wayfair, £79.99

Folding Room Divider Privacy Separator Screen, ManoMano, £75.99

Kallax Shelving Unit, IKEA, £75

The Potter

For the ultimate touch of magic, leverage those awkwardly shaped under-stair spaces and transform them into homework hideaways. A small desk, desk lamp, and carefully-selected wall art can turn an otherwise useless space into a reading retreat. An under-stair desk might not be suitable for tall teens, so make the most of this trick while the children are still small enough to fit comfortably.

Try it at home:

Astrid Chair Yellow Fabric, Dunelm, £55.20

Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Crests, Lego, £114.99

John Lewis Abacus Small Desk, John Lewis, £99

Posted on September 3rd 2021

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