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5 Fireplaces To Keep You Cosy This Winter

The hearth. A word synonymous with warmth, cosiness, and comfort. Everything you might want to come home to on a cold winter’s day. In times past, the fireplace was traditionally the centre of the house. The fire would be used to cook family meals, and to gather round to play games and share stories.

The Met office predicts a deep freeze will arrive later this month, and what could be cosier than the addition of a fireplace into your home? 

But, with the multitude of options available, it can be difficult to find the perfect fireplace to suit your needs. So, here’s my list of five fireplaces to keep you cosy this winter.

Wall-mounted fireplace

What: Does what it says on the tin; a fireplace that mounts onto a wall.

Gas, Electric, Fire: Gas and electric

Style: Modern, minimalist

Typically found in most modern homes, a wall-mounted fireplace does not take up too much room, so is perfect if space is limited. The wide variety of styles available makes this a great choice for budgets of all sizes. And, you’ll be pleased to know, imitation fires have come a long way in recent years. They look far more high-end, realistic, and some even have a receptacle for water which produces steam for a faux-smoke effect.

In-built fireplace

What: A fireplace that is inset into a wall

Gas, Electric, Fire: All available

Style: Country, vintage, luxury

Pre-1960s, homes showcased in-built fireplaces, which often had working flues. If you’re fortunate to be the proud owner of an older home, you have the option of leveraging pre-existing fireplaces to create luxury fireplaces, complete with mantels and surrounds. This fireplace style easily becomes the centrepiece for any room, with its ornate fixtures and dominance of a main wall.

Inglenook fireplace

What: An ‘ingle’ (fireplace) and ‘nook’ (area) refers to a fireplace with a partially enclosed hearth. It is a small area off a larger room to gather around the fire. A recess, as opposed to a chimney breast that protrudes into a room

Gas, Electric, Fire: Fire

Style: Old-Fashioned, Country, Snug

An inglenook fireplace conjures memories of sitting in old coach house pubs in the bleak midwinter, while the fire crackles in the hearth. However, this uber-cosy fireplace requires substantial architectural renovations in homes that were not originally built with one. 

Stone fireplace

What: A stone fireplace can refer to a stone surround, hearth, or chimney breast

Gas, Electric, Fire: Fire

Style: Varied. Typically, old-fashioned and snug. Can be modern and minimalist

Whether you’re renovating an existing in-built chimney and chimney breast, or faking it ‘til you make it, stone is expensive. If you want the real deal, you must be prepared for the expense of naturally fire-resistant stone, and for the cost of the related building works. Yorkshire slate is a particularly beautiful choice for a stone fireplace. And, of course, what stone fireplace would be complete without a wood burner? The perfect combination for a luxuriously snug hearth.

Outdoor fireplace

What: Usually a fire pit or chiminea

Gas, Electric, Fire: Fire

Style: Country Cozy, High End Luxury

From fire pits to chimineas, and towering standalone chimney breasts, outdoor fireplaces can transform your outside space. Whether you desire a country cosy cocoon, perfect for toasting marshmallows with the family, or a bespoke standalone chimney breast, worthy of parties for an A-list guest list, there are so many ways to warm up your patio. Prices are variable; you can pick up small, moveable fire pits and chimineas for a steal, but for something as grandiose as an outdoor chimney you’re looking at a hefty price tag. However, if you’ve got money to burn, why not go the whole hog and incorporate a stone oven into that chimney so you can enjoy stone-baked pizzas? 

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Posted on November 5th 2021

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